Let me start with this story

A few years back I had bought one of those little hair donuts and had left it in the kitchen, my mom had seen it and instantly thought it was a dish sponge. Although I could see where she is coming from, it’s not for dishes.

Since then I felt so awkward using one, the truth is my hair isn’t all that thick and sometimes I want to do cute space buns or just a fuller bun BUT since I don’t have that kind of volume I tend to put more strain on the hair I do have to make it look thicker (cuz who doesn’t look a big bun? Am I right?). Of course, you could always go to the salon for some treatment, but if you do make sure you are sure that they have the proper salon equipment before booking an appointment. 

Let’s start with that little “dish” sponge

I see these everywhere and when you have long hair like moi but not tons of volume this little sponge creates a good base for your bun and avoids you having to use tension on the rest of your length.


Topsy tail


These little handy tools have been around since the 90’s and never cease to amaze me. They are super easy to use and take your regular ol’ pony from being average to elegant.


Spin pins

I LOVE THESE ! They are typically used for ballerinas/dancers and as you see with they’re cork screw shape they twist right into a hair bun. They are totally worth buying especially is you need to have a clean look to you.

Now that I’ve told you my embarrassing story, I challenge you to pick up some hair tool or hair accesories you’ve had laying around and rock it ! YOU CAN DO IT SISTA!

PS: Sorry I’ve been MIA as of late we’ve been so busy at the salon trying to adjust. I’ll be taking some time off over the summer months to give myself a creative reset, as well as attend to our wonderful client in our busiest season.

Talk to ya in the fall !