I had jet setted of off to Mexico it was perfect, the weather was beautiful the trees were palmy and my tan was glowing. While there I decided to go on some excursions snorkeling with fish in those cenotes (natural fresh water caves or pools)  that everyone yaks about. We even went into a dark cave swimming which was super cool and a little scary.

At the resort I swam in the pools I sun bathed you name it I did it.

When I got back home I realized I had neglected my hair, it’s blonde and between the salt water, the chlorine, the sun and the upstyles I had to do because of the heat, it had fizzled at the ends and was breaking in other places. I tried treating it with deep conditioners but ultimately I knew what I had to do. I got the dreaded ends cut off.

Lets give you some easy tips and tricks that can you can do do prep, and even protect your hair during your sunny get away.

Hair masks/Deep conditioners

 Prep your hair the week before your go, with all that good stuff your hair mask has to offer it helps minimize any breaking or dryness the sun or chlorine is known to do. As a bonus tip if you plan to put your hair up wet the ends and throw in a mask, your hair is gonna be in a bun anyways, why not reap the benefits ?

Leave-in conditioner

Our hair is porous it soaks up what we put into it and if you snorkle with fish in salt water it’s gonna suck up all that salt and that is never a good thing. Spritz in your fav leave-in conditioner before heading out to the pool.


 I will forever mention these, as there are so many cute accessories you can use to dress up, hide or just plainly keep your hair out of your face. Any hot place may call for a floppy sun hat ( yes, like Samantha in Sex and the city)  if it’s a dry heat make sure to apply a serum before the stylish hat.

Another fabric to keep in mind is silk or satin although it is a slippery its very light weight and you can always secure it with bobby pins.


I hope these tips were helpful, until next month.