Ugh I remember how it was when I tried growing out my undercut hence the picture.

Back then there was no how to’s, no Pinterest pins, even Youtube videos to help me with the little hamster I had growing on my neck.  It was weird too how no one as much as I looked I found precious little.

Let me give you a page from my book of life and hopefully help you with yours.

1. Wear your hair down

We gotta’ do what we gotta’ do and although undercuts are still a thing if you feel you’re ready to move on let your hair down.

2. Try low ponies or buns

Depending on where you are in your journey you can get away with placing your hair at the nape of your neck with the scruff going unnoticed. If you do insist on wearing high ponies check the next tip.

3. Wear a scarf or headband 

Like I say all the time accessories ,accessories, accessories. They are your best friend whether you are trying to hide that hamster on the back of your neck or trying to look cute and sophisticated.

4. Take up braiding 

This tip is for the intermediate braider, but hey it’ll give you practice and hope until it starts growing longer.

5. When it gets long enough, pin it

Even if you’re having trouble with gathering all the tiny sections make it easy for yourself and use those teensy elastics (that come in varying colors too) to bunch up hair, then pint it.

Autumn is here friends, let me know what tip you liked the best in the comments or just email @