silver-hairLast year Kelly Osbourne was seen with a pastel purple bob. Which paved the way for silver foxes everywhere Cara Delevigne’s picture soon created buzz on the internet when she was spotted with red lips and silver locks. Kylie Jenner also took to Instagram and revealed her ends and sterling with blue tinge.

Dascha Polenco from Orange Is The New Black was seen later that year at the Mercedes-Benz fashion show in September sporting a more charcoal silver fading lower into a soft pink only later to have her stylist admit it was a wig. She warned to take it slow with an experienced stylist with a couple years under their belt. The ashy color can cause irreparable damage to hair seeing as it is a lengthy process to bleach it till it is almost white and then deposit colour on it.

Not many celebrities fell behind Bad Gal Ri Ri was spotted at the Diamond Ball in a sleek ponytail with icy ends; all while taking to twitter to let her fans know that “Grey is the new black.” It seems that the fashion industry has once again raised eyebrows and turned dull, boring, grey to a more avante garde, chic, sophisticated silver.