Let’s take a moment to breathe.


Times are unsure, we all feel it. Even though we’ve closed the shop that doesn’t mean your hair can’t get the TLC you know it needs. I’ve come up with a little list of things you could be doing that are quarantine friendly.



Give yourself 10-15 minutes/day to feel

Frustration, isolation, anger, fear, anxiety about the future, take the time to validate all these emotions. The world is changing around us and it’s hard. Your feelings are valid so let them out in this period of time you have assigned for yourself.


Show yourself some love

This is the time to stay away from heat and opt for that much needed hair mask, hey maybe you could fit 2 birds in one home by applying a face mask too.


Pro tip:  In salon we like using our hood dryers to make sure the deep conditioner moisturizes well, but while at home you could use the hot towel method. Also be sure to have a couple towels handy as things may drip.

This method requires you to apply your hair mask as usual then cover your hair with a shower cap, have a towel waiting [that is big enough to cover your head] in a basin that you’ll pour hot water into.

Be careful lovelies! Wring out the towel and place it on top of the shower cap then secure it with a second shower cap. The heat from the hot towel will act like the heat produced by our dryers. To avoid dripping, try laying down but make sure you have a towel covering where you’ll lay your head. Once your 20 minutes is done, take off the caps + towel and let cool for 5 mins. Rinse with cool water.


Get moving

I am a culprit, I love eating and watching TV. It starts out as just sitting on the couch, then the sit turns into a ball and soon enough the ball turns into a full outstretch, it’s a vicious cycle. If you want to nip it in the bud, do it first thing in the morning and watch you’ll power right through your day.

If you feel overwhelmed go online and see what fitness classes are right for you. I’ve seen yoga (if that’s your thing) P90X, beach body, Zumba, a lot of gyms are offering classes online too.

I don’t know about you but I love me a clean house, find a playlist on Spotify and get cleaning. Anything to get those endorphins pumping through your body and to top it off exercise is a great stress relief tool.


Pick up a good read


I can get lost when I find a good author. I also know there is a wide spectrum of genres, so for sure there is one out there for you. Some of my fav’s include self help books, fantasy series and murder mysteries. Seriously even Shopper’s has a decent selection.


Learn something new


Take up a new skill. I find Youtube to be a great resource where other people can share their experiences and tips. If you’d like to learn how to cook/bake a new recipe it’s there, photography, makeup, history made fun, psychology theories anything you can think of, I am sure there is someone out there in the world that shares your interests.

I also have an Instagram video I can link into here on how to curl your hair hehe




Watch a docu-series or any series


I know, I know I was just talking about that vicious cycle but when it’s the end of the day and your brain is tired from all the learning or creative thinking. I think it’s time to relax and cut it a break.


Stay safe and be well everyone.