So you got home and the colour isn’t what you though it would be. It didn’t look like this when you left. So why does it not look the same? Maybe you’re over thinking it and it’s not that bad.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? Well it happens a lot more than what you think and maybe now you’re in the hair colour correction boat. Wait what is a colour correction?

Let’s review what happens when you undergo a color correction.

The consult, it’s recommended to come in so the hair colourist can have a look at the situation and assess.

Day of, depending on what needs to be fixed it could take anywhere from 1-7 hours.

If the problem is too much brassiness, yellow or copper tones there could be some decolorizing or bleaching needed. I know when you hear the word bleaching you panic, the truth is that bleach is only as strong as you make it. There‘s different levels of peroxide which is the liquid we add to bleach to make it weak or strong. The decision is left up to your colorist as they know how much your hair can handle.

If you’ve newly gone an ash color and you find it has a tinge of green then decolorizing could be up your alley too. Green happens when there it still yellow left in the hair and a blue toner is deposited. Yellow + Blue = Green

Color corrections can be a very trying time for any hair colorist and of course for you the client so buckle up with some snacks and a good book .The reason that color corrections can take up to a day is the tedious work that goes into them.

A great example being foiling the whole head, like hilites we use foils to retain heat to have a better level of lift. When a client has mid chest hair that is fairly thick it takes a lot of foils and tons of little sections of hair so the product can evenly process.

Word to the wise

Toners, since the beginning of time hair colorists have used toners (that’s what we call demi permanent colors) to temporarily fix coppery or yellow tones. The thing is that it’s just that a temporary fix to a bigger problem. The reason clients keep coming back to tone their hair is because it hasn’t been lifted high enough to where that tone won’t show through anymore. Ask your colorist if your hair is able to be a¬†couple shades lighter to space out your visits.