If you don’t know what those letter number things are, check my post down below and get woke.

Tracee Elliss Ross has just released a new natural hair care brand! Yes you heard me right, a brand for naturalistas!

Pattern Beauty (great choice for a name) includes a shampoo, 3 conditioners (hydration,medium and heavy), a leave-in conditioner, a pair of hair serums, a clip, a microfibre towel and a denman brush. Every curly girl’s dream!!

She say’s it’s been her goal for the past 10 years and dream for the past 20. She goes on to say that her products are meant to empower and nourish tight coily hair. Being natural means safe products for your curls, not to mention with affordable pricing this opens up the demographic to all ethnicities and social classes.

I personally love that she is encouraging girls from any ages to start their natural hair journey, so many young girls struggle to care for their crowns because they simply don’t know how to. As women, mothers and peers we must empower them and give them the right tools to do so.

I think it’s safe to say that Tracee has created staple product that will be around for years to come.