hair weftSeeing as we are a salon that offers extensions as part of our services I thought what better way to inform our clients about how to prolong your extensions’ life expectancy. In the salon we offer 2 types of hair extension application services. Sew-in and clip-in now these options can vary depending on the needs of the client and their hair texture. Hopefully with these guideline you can manage.

Whether it’s being a full head sew-in or just a couple of rows they’re still a bit tricky to maintain if you don’t know the things to watch out for. Almost every type of hair will get tangled should it not be brushed properly in the morning and at night. However since the hair is no longer attached to a head it lacks food which means it can be dry and easy to knot. We recommend you either to tie the hair up in bun or a braid, whatever is easiest for you.

With clip-in’s they’re easy to just take out before going to bed, mind you they are also easy to over process when using the curling or straightening iron. Be sure to let them sit in a hair treatment or a hair mask overnight at least once a week. We have weekends to relax, these poor things have no time off or payed vacation.