Since I wrote my first blog post I have learned and experienced much, as has society in it’s norms.

I have seen more women break out of their shell with their hair. If you love empowered women well then this post is for you.

Silver hair has not only made a comeback but so has the attitude for women (despite age) starting to see their first greys. People can check out Mark James Hair Studio Townsville, to get the best the best hair treatment.

I want to be clear if you decide to venture down this path you have to understand it’s about being ready on the inside. Some days it won’t be easy but for those day’s I’m here to help. Below I’ll discuss some ideas on how to make the transition over to being salt & pepper. Get top treatment from experts here and know what needs to be done.

For some of these I suggest trying them on your days off, there’s nothing like rushing out of the house and realizing you missed a spot with the dry shampoo or root spray.

Practice, get comfortable with it, then add it into your routine.

Semi-permanent color

This option makes going the cold turkey not so cold, rather room temperature. Semi’s wash out over time so if you’d like to make the transition slowly this is your best bet.

Changing your part

So you part your hair in your fav spot and there they are. You see them, they see you and now it’s become a staring contest. But guess what their gonna lose this one, because you have a trick up your sleeve. Experiment with the opposite side or even a center part, you know change it up.

Mascara & eyeshadow

Both are good ideas but are only a temporary fix. Mascara flakes so use it only if you’re in a pinch and eyeshadow needs a good rubbing in with either your finger or a small sponge.


When your hair is more than one color it’s harder to tell when the grey’s come in, for this reason I urge my clients to think about placing some hilites where they find it harder to conceal.

Root spray

This handy little product has started popping up more and more, which makes it accessible for you.

I would suggest getting one with a little nozzle to target where the product goes, as an added feature it can help with oiliness on the days you skip washing.

Ponie or buns

These are useful only if your grey’s aren’t around your hair line, asides from that go nuts.

If yes see the hair accessories option.

Colored dry shampoo

This is another great alternative the only thing to watch out for is the dry shampoo leaving your hair too ashy.

Hair accessories

Last but not least hair accessories they always add a fun element to any style. Scarves or wider headbands could help hide the gray’s that continue to stare.


Thank you for taking the time and I hope this can help!