I’ve had a couple people approach me about this topic and I thought what better way to explain it than on here.

First off the two services are in two seperate sections, because of what they do.

The Kerasilk in the “Treatment” section and the Liquid Keratin in the “Chemical Restructuring” section. The reason for this is because the Kerasilk is a deep conditioning treatment where as the Liquid Keratin is a healthier alternative to relaxing.

Just to be transparent the Kerasilk or Keratin treatment as we refer to it in the salon will not make your hair smooth in the sense that it will loosen your curl it will only moisturize your hair (to avoid breakage) and aid in de-tangling. This deep conditioning treatment takes an extra 20 minutes when added to your other services.

With the Liquid Keratin it takes about 70% of friziness out of hair and can loosen your curl by about 50%. The reason this service is so high priced is because it can take 3 or more hours depending on thickness and length of hair. We would recommend coming in for a consult before booking so we can discuss pricing and time, not to mention when you do book we know how much time to set aside.

What should I expect with the first appointment for Liquid Keratin?

Usually there is a consultation done before coming in, in this consult we try and outline real expectations based on the texture of your hair and what the result will be after the treatment. This is not a relaxer and it will not straighten your hair, only loosen your curls.

The straightening system takes out %70 of frizziness, which means not as much poof for you. Not to mention since keratin is fused to the hair detangling is a breeze. Another big shocker is time although the results are beautiful they do take time. A minimum of 3 hours for medium length/thickness is required.

Will my hair ever revert to it’s natural state again after Liquid Keratin?

Yes, Liquid Keratin washes out over a period of 4- 6 months (hence why we recommend it instead of relaxer) and you can be sure your curl and frizz will be back for more.

Is the price the same if you are getting your roots done for the Liquid Keratin?

Yes, although the treatment washes out over a period of 6 months and you may feel as though your ends have keratin left but they need to be treated again aswell as the new growth which hasn’t been touched by the treatment yet. All this to say that it will take just as long to do the roots and go over the ends too.

I hope this covers it all and if have any questions or comments drop them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to respond. Until next time gang.